Here's a list of the "must-have" Keto books, ingredients, and tools that have changed my life. Click on any of them to be taken right to Amazon to order. *NOTE that the links below are through my Amazon Associates account and I make a small commission when you make a purchase. So Thank You!

This has been our favorite cookbook, full of AWESOME recipes all with pictures. If I could have only one cookbook, this is it:

Heather LOVES this next book because it's geared more towards women and their complex physiology. Tons of keto-info up front and tons of great recipes with photos:

Every morning (and afternoon) I make a cup of rich, creamy, piping-hot keto coffee. It's organic coffee with 2 TBS of grass-fed butter or ghee, and 2 TBS of MCT oil. I mix it with an immersion blender, then froth it with a milk-frother. Here's EVERYTHING you need to get into this wickedly good habit: