Without a doubt, the Columbia neighborhood is a jewel among the Bellingham neighborhoods. Its 4,000 residents enjoy a close proximity to the downtown, a tight-knit community, and well built homes amid wooded streets and beautiful parks. An excellent neighborhood for families with school age children, Columbia boasts a long-standing elementary school and safe environment for children to play in the front yard. Columbia elementary school has a smaller population than other elementary schools in Bellingham, and is home to an active group of parents and teachers. The middle and high school track generally follows from Whatcom Middle to Bellingham High.

Columbia is made up of mostly Victorian style homes with a few Craftsmans, and mid century builds. Nearly all the housing are single-family units, with some apartments spread around. The neighborhood itself is well maintained with attractive landscaping and tall, established trees. However, the best trees can be found in the centerpiece of Columbia-Elizabeth Park. This park contains trees over a hundred years old, beautifully cared for, that provide privacy and shade. Take a walk, lay out a picnic, or stop by the playground for a fun afternoon. Trails around the park are filled with walkers and joggers, and in the summer concerts often take place. Columbia’s engaged community provides a sense of unity and a wonderful environment for children of all ages.

Houses sell for an average of 570k, but prices depend on location and style. Victorian homes make up the southern end while mid century houses are gathered around the northern end. Don’t hesitate to look further into Columbia, houses sell quickly. Several factors, including the community, proximity to downtown, and quality homes, makes Columbia a wonderful neighborhood for families! 

Over the past 5 years, the market in Columbia has grown considerably, with special emphasis on the last year. The neighborhood attracts many potential buyers with its charm and well built houses. But don’t let its competitive market intimidate- contact an agent today about Columbia and see if it’s the right fit for you!

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