Before and After Transformation of a Bellingham Listing, by Brandon Nelson Partners

If we’ve worked together to sell a house, you’ve likely heard me say this:

“There’s how you live, and how you sell.”

That process of transforming a house to how the buyers are going to experience it… at BNP we are infatuated with it! That transformation plays a huge role in how you as a seller maximize your sale price!

Over hundreds of sales we’ve learned exactly what to do, who should do it, and how BNP can best be of service.

Enter BNP Home Services — licensed general contractor, here to help design, plan, schedule, refer and oversee the subs and specialists, and complete your pre-listing optimization projects!

Let me share some “before and after” photos of a project we recently did in the Sunnyland neighborhood.

On any given house, we might oversee upgrades on high-return areas like:

  • Paint
  • Flooring
  • Landscaping
  • Fixtures
  • Hinges & handles
  • Deep cleaning inside and out, top to bottom
  • Anything that looks or feels like damage

The house in these photos had been a rental for years, and the owner contacted us to help them sell it. They live out of the area and had no desire to be present for the remodel. They entrusted us to orchestrate everything, and Alana Mey from our firm took the lead.

We guided the seller through a total investment of about $9,200 spread across 6 different sub-contractors. We were on-site daily over the 2-week project, updating the owners every step of the way.

The result: the house sold for $71,000 over list price. We estimate the return on that $9,200 investment to be 500 to 600%.

Not every seller wants or needs this level of service. Some just want a consultation on what areas to focus on.

But when it’s helpful, BNP Home Services will general-contract every task to fully prepare and optimize the house, from whatever state it’s in to “photo-ready”.

And… we don’t charge extra for it. It’s a courtesy service included in our regular fee.

Also, with a signed “commitment to reimburse”, we’ll even pay all the invoices for the upgrades and repairs, and settle up with you when the home sells. That’s exactly what we did on this Sunnyland sale.

We can transform a house for an optimized sale often in as little as 2 to 3 weeks. But the earlier we’re contacted — even if you’re just starting to think of selling in the next few years — the easier and more optimized we can get it!

STAY TUNED: I’ll keep sharing more fun before-and-after scenarios, plus some case studies with return-on-investment figures.