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“Paulina was motivated to help us find our new home and was able to deftly help us navigate the waters of purchasing a home. She has been super quick to respond to our questions, and explained things clearly so we understood and felt confident that we were making the right decisions along the way. From start to finish (even a month after we have settled into our new home) she has been attentive make sure our needs were met. Paulina exceeded our expectations and I would recommend her to my friends and family. She started as our realtor and now we can easily call her our friend.”

–Josh Kaplan

“My family is relocating from California to Bellingham in the summer of 2017. The quality of the service Alana provided us every step of the way cannot be overstated. She made long-distance buying and closing a much smoother process than we had initially anticipated, saving us from a lot of stress. She showed us properties in the area when we were in town looking, and then long-distance when we were back in California by making very effective videos of the properties she would visit for us. She is very knowledgeable of the area, always very responsive, fantastic at negotiating, extremely helpful during closing, going above and beyond what was asked of her every single time. After closing she has continued to provide invaluable help before we actually relocate. And she makes it all look easy, with an easy going personality. We cannot recommend her highly enough.”

–M&L Powell

“Jacson helped me purchase my first home, and was a true professional from day one. He answered every question, email, text, and phone call with lightning speed and reliability. Having an agent like that soon became obviously essential to finding a home I loved and knowing I’d have a Realtor that I could count on throughout each step. And there are a lot of them! Couldn’t be happier with his service. Definite 5 stars!”

–Jason C.

“We recommend Chara Stuart and Chelsea Messer without any reservation to anyone in the real estate market. This mother/daughter team emailed us properties when we were shopping long distance for a Washington home from our California residence. When we were able to visit Washington, they familiarized us with neighborhoods and patiently showed us properties for sale. They kept our wishes so present in their minds that they notified us within moments when the right listing came on the market. With Chara and Chelsea’s wise advice, we were the first to make a winning offer and close the deal in a highly competitive market. Throughout this process, Chara and Chelsea connected us with finance, escrow and inspection professionals. They even surprised us by taking care of a few home repairs that we thought would become our responsibility. We adore our home and are certain that we were the lucky buyers, thanks to the quick attention, professional assistance and sincere caring of these two women.”

–Bruce & Lois Moffitt

“We knew Brandon somewhat via a “friend of a friend” situation and always got the impression he was a good straight-forward down-to-earth guy, so when a realty opportunity came up, we jumped into doing a little more research. His prior construction and inspection background impressed us so we gave him a call. We knew fairly soon he was a good fit. Here’s an excerpt of an email we sent him just a couple weeks ago after we sealed the deal – “Your energy level, genuineness, candidness, professionalism (yet still being candid & genuine!), and organizational skills quickly assured us you were the right choice. We also truly appreciated how quick, responsive, and proactive you were along the way and your natural competitive approach towards negotiating. Good on ya – a job very well done!”

One more thing – we marked Brandon as “masterful” for his process expertise because he really impressed us with knowing EVERY aspect of the real estate game – from construction, to inspection points, legal aspects, lending, closing, lease-back arrangements, repairs, negotiations, etc.

–J & M Mitchell

“Paulina was a dream come true. I had tried to purchase my first home a few different times but always ran into some glitch that would frustrate me enough to quit the entire process. Not only did Paulina connect me with knowledgeable lenders, but she remained in constant communication letting me know what was happening and what the next step was. This girl even wrote an offer for me on Easter Sunday!! She will go well above and beyond to earn your business and make it an enjoyable and painless process.”

-Jamie Ford

“My wife and I finally decided to move our family from Bothell up to Bellingham and really knew very little about the area. We had our local real estate agent (and friend) in Bothell but she understood that we needed someone that knew this area and was able to show us houses and work with us on our compressed, limited schedule. Our agent found Alana and requested that she setup a call with us. She reached out immediately and scheduled a phone conference with us and we had a great vibe from the initial call. She asked the right questions and it was apparent she was a veteran in the industry.

You can’t expect a realtor to be able to give you 100% of their attention every weekend, but as that was really our only availability, she always seemed to be able to make it work, and when she did have to be somewhere else (like an open house) she would let us know way in advance, and work us in around it. And even during these times, which were infrequent, she would still reach out to us to see how things were going and if we liked anything we saw. She even tried WhatsApp on our request and we used that to have group chats to keep in synch.

We’re pretty particular about what we want, and Alana always showed the utmost patience. She never made us feel silly, always encouraged us to not settle and supported our eccentricities throughout every meetup. There were plenty of times we know she went out of our way to show us a house that she KNEW we probably wouldn’t like, but if we were interested nevertheless, she always made it happen and tried to get answers to any of our questions.

When we finally did get serious about the house that we ultimately bought, Alana went to bat for us. We had questions about the property lines and she dug through city records, pulling up plats and going through them, and ultimately came out to the property to find the actual stakes and report back the findings (and once with the owner of her company, Brandon Nelson). She helped us through the negotiation process and guided us all of the way to the sale, and really beyond.

We HIGHLY recommend Alana. You won’t be disappointed!”

–S & C, Bressler

“If Jacson had anything else that mattered in his life during our home search, you wouldn’t have known it. He was right there with us at all hours of day and night — phone, text, email, and of course in person. Most importantly, when it came time to put in our offer, Jacson helped us identify every possible avenue that could strengthen our offer. All the while, Jacson was never pushy; he was very receptive to our concerns and offered suggestions when appropriate. On closing day, I appreciated that Jacson made a point to show up, congratulate us, and offer a few celebratory gifts. We were in great hands with Jacson and remain very appreciative of all his help in finding the home we love.”

— Matt M.

“We feel so lucky to have found Chara and Chelsea during our real estate search. They made buying a home so easy in a competitive market. They are everything you need and want in a realtor team. They stay in constant communication, know the market well and are creative and thorough to help you prevail when making an offer. I highly recommend Chara and Chelsea to anyone looking to buy or sell. You won’t be disappointed!”

— Becky Donnino & Kevin Smith

“Brandon Nelson, when I found a short sale while sitting behind a laptop in acupuncture school pretending to be focusing on the esoteric applications of Chinese medicine but dreaming of a bigger home….the following happened. I texted you. I called you. I emailed you. You texted, called and emailed me back to say there was already another offer on it. I told you I REALLY wanted it. And in 7 days it was mine. It was a battle, but we got what we wanted and my whole family is so happy. THAT is why you are the agent you are. I didn’t interview you ahead of time because I already knew you were “all in” from the get-go. That’s how we get it done. Boom.”

–C. Watson

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