My real estate experience began early. At twenty-five, a single woman in Alaska, I built my first home, when mortgage interest rates were soaring to 18 percent!

I moved to Bellingham in 1986 for the quality of life and the extraordinary environment in this corner of the world. Upon my move, personal real estate investments continued, including remodels; new construction; rentals; tax exchanges; and several primary homes in a wide range of styles and values—even dream homes.

As life happens, I have experienced dreams achieved, and dreams dashed, and both the joy and stress of household moves.

From this early experience I was inspired to become a Real Estate Broker - Nothing like personal experience to help make your Broker well suited for the task!

I had several successful years as a Broker, before leaving to raise my daughter, Chelsea Messer. Today, it gives me great joy and satisfaction to resume my career in real estate and to work with Chelsea, also a licensed Broker.

Our clients began calling us C2, multiplying the skill, care, time and effort we take, towards our clients' goals. Working together, at least doubles, our fun on the job too!

We believe your home should be your sanctuary. A place to make meaningful memories, laugh, share, feel safe, and especially be a sanctuary full of love and gratitude.

For most of us, our home will be the largest investment. Making a wise investment is always at the top of our mind for our Clients.

We are backed by a team of skilled professionals at Brandon Nelson Partners and select specialists in our community. Chelsea and I would be honored to help you achieve your real estate goals with experience, skill, clarity, calm and genuine care.