Seeking Digital Marketing Professional

Hello! We are BNP Realtors, a team of 8. We help buyers and sellers of residential real estate in the greater Bellingham, WA area. We sell about 150 homes per year. Our real-life service is best-in-class, and our online reputation is FIVE-STAR, with three-hundred-and-fifty 5-star reviews from our happy clients.

We are looking to hire a dedicated digital marketing professional so that every single property we list has its own funnel and wide-spread marketing campaign — and ultimately our firm, our brand, will have its own (not property specific) campaign.

The right candidate will be experienced, enthusiastic, endlessly curious and driven to succeed, resourceful, and passionate about effective online marketing.

You will have proven marketing experience and command of the written and spoken English language, WordPress dashboard, Adobe Creative Suite or similar editing tools, Facebook ad campaigns, 3rd party sites like Clickfunnels or Leadsites, etc.

Ultimately you will help us build a comprehensive marketing platform that sets the standard for the residential real estate industry and local business branding.

Here’s the bare minimum of what we envision:

For each individual property we sell:

We start by providing you with dozens of professional photographs of the home and landscape.

We’ll provide copy — a written description and lists of features, benefits, specs, etc.

We’ll provide various other media or collateral that could include a 3D home tour, video footage, PDF’s, floor plans, etc.

Basically, we’ll capture the home digitally in every conceivable way we can — and then…

You start by building a landing page and embedding it on our WordPress website, specific to that one property.

You build out the landing page to deliver up-front value to the user, then capture their info, then deliver a ton more value (info about the house, lenders, our services, etc.)

That page delivers everything a buyer might want to see and know about that property. You do embeds, format photo galleries, attach PDF downloads, interspersed with lead capture fields, etc.

EVERY piece of marketing we do — whether it’s print or digital or word-of-mouth — has the link to that THAT ONE LANDING PAGE that you built — the top of the funnel.

Then you begin building marketing elements, and it starts with Facebook.

You pull from the media we’ve given you, and you run a targeted FB ad campaign. THIS IS YOUR WORLD!!! You know what you’re doing here. You’re following up-to-date best-practices in this world through the major thought leaders in the paid-traffic industry.

You run ad sets, you split test, you drive traffic into the funnel, and you track results.

You track leads, conversions, etc. You regularly provide the data to us on a spreadsheet in a column specific to FB. (Then we can use that in our sales presentations with new clients).

Then you do it on Instagram, YouTube, Craigslist, and track those the same way.

Then you do it on other sites that you discover are good for traffic that I’ve never even heard of. You do it everywhere it should be done, sticking with what works, but also experimenting. We dump what’s not working, and we replace it with what is.

You handle re-targeting, too, of course. Over time, everyone in our local community is like: “OMG!!! BNP REALTORS!!! YOU GUYS ARE EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!”

And you track it all! You have a way of capturing data that you deliver back to us, and we can use that to show our clients, “Look at how we market. Look at how many people clicked on this initial ad. Then look at how many people scrolled through your photos. And from those people, look how many entered their name and phone number to see more about your house, and these people went on to set an appointment, etc.”

Ultimately, we can lay it out in front of our prospects and present to them: “Look, we drive traffic in these ways… we send them through this funnel…. We ultimately convert X number of these inquiries into live showings… and it takes, on average, Y showings to get an offer.”

You keep all these plates spinning, every day, for every property we list, as long as it’s on the market, until it sells. Then you’re done with that property and that funnel. We hand you a new set of media for a new property at a rate of about 1 to 4 per week, usually.  

You keep them refreshed, updated, always-on, always working, every day of the year.

Once that is up and running and dialed in, you do similar funnels and campaigns for our firm in general, to bring in new business. We provide you with:

  • New 5-star client reviews;
  • New photos of our team, our office, our wrapped truck, our parties and events, etc.;
  • New videos we produce;
  • New e-books we write;
  • New lists of buyer and seller strategies;
  • New market reports;
  • New links to BNP Realtors showing up in the news.

You take all that collateral and build funnels and campaigns to drive us new business.

But again, YOU are the expert here. You have completely understood everything I’ve written above, and you’ve done it a thousand times already!!! You can teach me how this marketing plan should look… what else we should add… what we should know about.

You want to consistently deliver the goods, doing 80% of what we know will work again and again… and 20% experimenting with new ideas, new tools, new strategies, so we can disrupt ourselves before the industry disrupts us, and stay on the absolute cutting edge of real estate sales and marketing!!!

Is this you?

Then send me a link to a funnel you built, let me opt in and see how it works. Show me your body of work. Tell me something I don’t know, something I left out above that you’ve already done and that you know will work.

Become our dedicated marketing partner, and let’s lead the entire real estate industry with this effective marketing platform.

Note: I’m not looking to hire an agency. I’m looking for ONE PERSON who wants to dedicate herself or himself to this role and absolutely CRUSH IT!!!

Your response to this ad MUST include a link to a funnel you built — or something similar that shows me that this is your world and that you are the perfect hire. I’m excited to meet you! 

Go ahead and CONTACT US!

Brandon Nelson

Owner, BNP Realtors