The family and I did a hike yesterday that I highly recommend.

It’s actually a very quick dart into the forest off the Mt. Baker Highway as you’re driving to the Mt. Baker Ski Area from town.

After you pass the small town of Glacier, start watching the mile markers. (Glacier is at mile marker 30).

When you’ve passed mile marker 43, go about another 1/4 or 1/2 mile and keep your eyes peeled for a two-car turn-out on the left — the non-river side of the road.

(If you reach mile-marker 44, you’ve gone too far.)

It’s not marked… it’s just cut into the shoulder of the road, and it’s big enough for about 3 vehicles.

There’s a trailhead right there and it will take you to one of the most incredible stands of old growth Douglas Firs on the planet.

In fact the tree right at the start has a 29-foot circumference (we had a tape measure).

The surrounding forest floor is clean and you can walk around on or off trail.

It is MAGICAL! I highly recommend it!

(I also highly recommend popping into Wake-n-Bakery in Glacier for espresso and a baked treat on your way out.) 🙂

Cheers and Happy Hiking!