BNP Realtors Annual “100 Houses” Donation for 2022

On December 8, 2022, BNP Realtors delivered our annual “100 Houses” check for $10,000 to an organization that exists to help people in times of unimaginable need.

Support Officers Of Whatcom County is a non-profit volunteer group who comes to the aid of those who experience tragedy and trauma.

As a society, we don’t teach or even talk about “what to do if there’s an unexpected death, with no one around to provide help, or care, or resources.”

Or the same for a debilitating accident.

There is no formal government department to step in and handle those situations.

That’s why Support Officers exist.

They are not the police, or the fire department, though they often work closely with those groups if someone is in need.

Like those who work in hospice, the volunteers who are part of this group have answered a calling.

They are special, deeply caring, empathetic, compassionate people. It is our great honor at BNP Realtors to donate to this group, and help their mission.

Upon seeing news of our donation to Support Officers of Whatcom County, a supporter of the group wrote us this touching email:

I wanted to reach out to you as a community member that received help from a local support officer and personally thank you for donating to them. 
In September if 2019, my 16 month old granddaughter was killed in front of myself, my husband and her 3 year old sister at our home in an accident. 
We couldn’t breathe, didn’t know what to do or how to share the news with family, we were devastated, in denial and lost and my daughter nearly went off the deep end.
It is 100% due to that support officer, with whom we are now friends and call her Superwoman, that my daughter came home and was able to function.
We didn’t know what she needed or what to do, and it was special circumstance that she needed and that support officer pulled strings and made it happen.
Had she not helped her, I don’t believe we ever would have come out of that horrible situation as functioning humans. 
They are amazing, they are angels, they walk up to you at the worst moment of your life and take your hand and walk with you giving guidance and support.
I think it’s really important for you and your employees to understand the scope of what they do. Thank you, so much, for choosing them!


The BNP 100 Houses donation of $10,000 is made possible by the contributions of all agents at BNP.

After every closed transaction, $50 is donated by the agent and is matched with another $50 by the firm.

After 100 closings, we discuss candidate organizations and make a decision on who to donate to.

There are countless amazing and helpful organizations in Whatcom County and the decision is never easy.

Past recipients have included:

Skookum Kids

Blue Skies for Children

Our Treehouse

And in 2020 we donated to a range of smaller charities and support groups.

For more information on our 100 Houses donation or any of BNP Realtors’ community support efforts, please email [email protected].