Q&A with BNP Realtor Alana Mey

BNP Realtor Alana Mey

BNP Realtor Alana Mey1539 different agents have sold property in Whatcom County during 2021.

Alana currently ranks #7, for total volume sold.

Of the 840 agents who have sold property in Bellingham, she ranks #4.

She will finish the year with 60 sales at an average price of over $700K.

She is also a wife and mom, a fitness addict, an investor with 8 rental units, and an absolute joy to know.

I asked her the following questions, so you could perhaps know her just a little better.

Q: Alana, you’re wired to succeed at anything you do. What made you choose real estate as a career?

A: I wanted to work in a setting that immersed me into the community on a daily basis. I wanted a career that was dynamic, challenging, and continuously pushed me to learn. I already had a passion for scouting neighborhoods, home design, marketing, and analysis. Coming from the legal field, I already had formal training in forms and legal processes. When I combined my wants, passions, and formal training together, real estate was the obvious choice! And I love it!

Q: Based on your 116 reviews, you define the term “full-service.” What does it mean to be a full-service or concierge Realtor, and how has that been impactful to building your business and reputation?

A: Being a full-service or concierge Realtor means that someone thinks of me when they have ANY questions, issues, desires, or needs anything at all related to real estate. It never matters if it’s before, during, or after a transaction. Continuing organic and genuine relationships inside and outside of a sale is the most important and impactful thing to me. It’s the driver of my business and reputation because people know they can trust me, and they know I have their best interests in mind. Being the “go-to” to someone in need, that is the most important role I can ever imagine playing.

Q: OK, big picture, nothing’s off-limits: What are you most proud of?

A: My beautiful kids aside, I’m most proud of building a portfolio of investment properties as a means to build a future lifestyle generated by passive income. I am also proud that my kids are curious about what it means to own property, how do you actually buy a house(!?), what does it mean to have tenants, be a landlord, and have these additional kinds of responsibilities? I love explaining to them how that is used to set oneself up for a better future. Nothing would make me more proud than to see them grow up and continue learning and engaging in the investment lifestyle like their parents.

Q: Real estate aside, (if you can do that for a minute!), what is something you are totally passionate about?

A: I am passionate about mental and physical wellness. Keeping physically active has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. For me personally, physical activity keeps me in balance. My mental clarity and sanity stem from staying active, and I will always be committed to it.

Alana Mey and her family
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