Q&A with BNP Realtor Jacson Bevens

Jacson and his wife Paulina joined BNP in 2017 and have become an absolute force in Whatcom County real estate.

I put 3 questions in front of Jacson and, in his typical style, he got back to me within about an hour with these answers:

Q: Jacson, you show up every day with an obvious sense of purpose and a spring in your step. What motivates that? What are you thinking of as you walk through the front door of BNP?

A: Problem-solving. Few things professionally are more satisfying than successful critical thinking, and real estate offers constant opportunities to find solutions for my clients. Sometimes transactions go smoothly but often something pops up that throws a stick in the spokes. I believe one of the strengths of my game is figuring out ways to move past obstacles without elevating my client’s stress levels, and nothing feels better than delivering a solution to the person trusting you to represent them.

Q: When you’re meeting with buyers for the first time, you often tell them, “There’s no such thing as a perfect house?” What do you mean by that?

A: Waiting for perfect means waiting forever, and in a market that appreciates as fast as this one, your budget is buying you less house every month. That doesn’t mean that buyers should settle, however. Instead, aiming for a home that’s 80-85% of what you’re after is a sweet spot. As long the “imperfect 15-20% is something you can either live with or improve during your ownership, you’re gonna love the place you buy.

Q: Jacson, you’re a successful Realtor and investor, a great golfer, you’ve got a wildly successful Seahawks blog with a huge following… what are you most proud of?

A: I am most proud of my relationships. I have been extremely blessed to have a number of good friends and close family members and, as a result, I’ve never lacked support, encouragement, or accountability. I realize how valuable these relationships are so I invest in and protect them fiercely. My friends and family know that they can always count on me to be there, be involved, and be authentic. I am proud of the fact that people trust me with their goals, their struggles, and their interests. This has helped make real estate a perfect fit, as I feel wholly equipped to guide people through the emotional and financial decisions that buying and selling property entails. And for as much as we discuss dollars and dimensions, at its core, this business is still about people, and serving them well minimizes my clients’ stress and allows them to be successful.

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Contact him at 360-223-6263 or [email protected]