Two Ways to Tie a Bowline Knot

In addition to real estate, I also love knowing and sharing videos about useful life skills, crafts, cooking and the like.

Knowing how to tie basic knots is like knowing how to swim… it’s just good, solid stuff to have in your mental database and your overall skillset.

Knowing two ways to tie a bowline increases your ability to use the WORLD’S MOST USEFUL KNOT!

The bowline has been used by sailors for possibly thousands of years. It has many variations, but let’s start with teaching you tie the simple, standard bowline.

Then, there’s a super fast way to tie the bowline by prepping the first part and holding it in your hand as your sailboat approaches a dock. Then, quickly, you can finish it with two quick moves that this video will teach you.

Bottom line: Learn to tie the bowline! You’ll find that you use it all the time.