Q&A with BNP Realtor Paulina Antczak

In the previous blog post, you were introduced to Jacson Bevens. Now meet the other half of this amazing couple, Paulina Antczak.

Paulina is in the top 1% of Whatcom County Realtors, and her extremely high standards are on display in every home she prepares for the market.

I put the following questions in front of Paulina, and I hope you find her answers as motivating and enjoyable as I did:

Q: Paulina, over the last five years, what is a consistent habit you perform that has improved your life?

A: Writing down my goals. Every morning, I fill one notebook page with the things I want to accomplish — whether it be that day or as a life goal, as it relates to the people in my life. Doing this has created a framework in my mind that keeps me on the lookout for opportunities to help, learn, and grow.

Q: What is the best investments you’ve ever made?

A: Jacson, my husband. In my humble opinion, choosing a partner and teammate for the rest of your life is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. The person you are when you first fall in love and the person you become after 5, 10, 20 years will likely be different. The decision to grow together, change together, and to support one another is a choice you have to make daily – and if done right, your success in marriage will carry over to everything else.

Q: Where do you derive joy and satisfaction as a Realtor?

A: Organization. One of my favorite things to do as a Realtor is to prepare a home for the market. Walking through a house, my eyes immediately dart to each inch of the home and search the areas for high ROI improvements. Does it make sense to paint? How should the furniture be arranged? What would a buyer love to see? Is there damage that should be repaired? What’ll come up on an inspection? Making an itemized ‘to-do’ list, finding competing bids, scheduling the work to be done, keeping everyone on track and the hundreds of other check-list items give me so much joy. Just hand it over to me, and I’ll get it done.

Q: What is your guiding principle, professionally?

A: My mom! How can my mom be a guiding principle? My family immigrated to the U.S. from Poland when I was 7. I’ve watched both my parents struggle to find footing in a country where they had zero support and didn’t know the language. My mom raised three kids, worked full time, and upheld our house while my dad started his construction business. The sacrifices my mom had to make to help our family stabilize here seemed insurmountable, but she did it. She is my best friend, the person I admire the most, and the person I will fiercely protect. So when I stand alongside anyone in a professional manner, I always think to myself, ‘How would I want my mom to be treated in this situation?’ And without fail, this provides clarity and motivation to make the right decision for that person in that moment.

Read more about Paulina on our website.

Contact her at 360-223-0538 or [email protected]